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For children

The Exhibition
At The Danish Castle Centre, kids' museum visits are taken seriously, and we've made sure there are loads of fun, educational things to do.

Entry to the exhibition is free for children up to 18 years of age. Children up to 14 must be accompanied by an adult.


Children's Activity Pack
The Children's Activity Pack is a deal applying especially to kids of between 4 and 7 years old. With the Children's Activity Pack, you get access to the exhibitions and to Gåsetårnet. You'll be given a task sheet at the entrance, for you to work on as you make your way through the exhibition and around the castle ruins. There is also a coupon in the Children's Activity Pack, exchangeable for a juice in the Castle Restaurant.

The Children's Activity Pack can be purchased with or without entry to the Children's Castle Centre.

The Children's Castle Centre
The Danish Castle Centre's very own knight Sir John stands by, ready to welcome kids of all ages to the Children's Castle Centre. Sir John the Knight's most noble task is to bring out the courage and chivalry in anyone who dares! In the Children's Castle Centre, you can try out various activities, just as they did them in the middle ages - amongst other things you can strike your own medieval coins, make necklaces from pearls, cast tin jewellery and roll candles.

Medieval Games
Outside the Children's Castle Centre, you can try a range of the most entertaining games from the middle ages. There is free use of the games and equipment for everyone.

iPad Guide
You have the opportunity to take an iPad Guide around with you in the exhibitions. If your child would like their own Guide, it must be hired separately. The Guide is suitable for children aged 7 years and older. The Castle Centre's iPad Guide has a children's version, with illustrated narratives mirroring the 'grown up' stories from the exhibition within a child's universe. The stories have been developed by actor Jens Andersen and illustrator Oliver Fjordside. The iPad Guide is easy to operate, and through it you choose which stories to hear, when you're standing by the different objects in the exhibition.

The Game of Ghost Hunt
Try out the action game of Ghost Hunt, where you must catch spooks and supernatural creatures from the middle ages - if you dare!

In collaboration with Jeppe Nygaard and the VFX company Ghost, we've developed a virtual game universe for the Castle Centre, all about catching 'monsters' at the castle. Our stock of monsters is inspired by the fabled historical animals and mythical creatures they believed in, back in the middle ages.