Things to do | Danmarks Borgcenter

Things to do

At The Danish Castle Centre in Vordingborg, you'll find enough activities and experiences to fill an entire day.

You can visit the Exhibition Centre, see the hypermodern exhibition on 'Castles, Kings and Power', along with our two exhibitions of archaeological finds from the castle.

You can go up Gåsetårnet - 'The Goose Tower' - and enjoy the view; and, not least, go explore the digital reconstruction of the castle of Valdemar the Great.

You can join in the fun, exciting medieval games in the Children's Castle Centre, and investigate Denmark's largest medieval castle ruins. Be careful though! Spooks and monsters lie sleeping between the ruins. Play our Ghost Hunt game, and try to catch them before they catch you.

In high season (15th of June - 14th of September), there are guided tours around the castle grounds daily. In low season (15th of September - 14th of June), guided tours take place on weekends and holidays.